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  • An easy way to become a market oriented executive: Spend a day in the life of your customer

    Every successful business is built on superior sense – of timing, opportunity, responsibility and not infrequently humor. None however, is more critical than the ability to sense the market. A senior executive instinctive capacity to empathize with and gain insight from customers is the single most important skill he or...
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  • The Two Latin Americas

    A Continental Divide Between One Bloc That Favors State Controls and Another That Embraces Free Markets There are two Latin Americas right now. The first is a bloc of countries—including Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela—that faces the Atlantic Ocean, mistrusts globalization and gives the state a large role in the economy....
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  • Introduction

    With more than 10 years of experience in marketing/sales positions, in different B to B and B to C companies,  the right knowledge and experience to solve today’s market challenges, with the right strategy and correct implementation. Adaptation to changing environments thanks to International and multicultural experience, through work and...
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